Meet in Italy for Lifesciences 2019 Brokerage Event(16-18 October 2019)

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On 16-18 October you can join the international stage of sessions of business, partnering and networking opportunities in the life sciences sector, all for free!

This is the right place for you if you are a start-up, a company, a research organisation, an investors working in:

Medical devices
IT Applications for Health
Medicine, Human Health and well-being
Related value chain activities

Participating in the brokerage event, you can also enjoy the other initiatives that will take place during the days of Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2019.
On the morning of the 16th October, renowned speakers will stimulate the discussion on the personalised medicine approach from the genetic and epigentic point of view at the international conference "From genomics to epigenomics: the future of medicine".

Thematic workshops will also be held on the 16th-17th October providing light on specific topics in life sciences.

The last day, 18th of October, will be the moment for the pitches of the start-ups selected in the Italian Healthcare Venture Forum 2019, organised in collaboration with Tech Tour and aiming at promoting partnerships and open innovation activities between start-ups, life sciences enterprises and investors. One-to-one meetings will still be possible on the morning of 18th of October too.

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